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Novice Water Workshop 

Join us for a fun-filled day at our Great Lakes Portuguese Water Dog Club’s

Water Training Camp for Junior Water Dog and Apprentice Levels!

June 24, 2023 @ Red River Dog Farm


Camp Leader June 24th: Valery Huberts

Hi! My name is Valery Huberts and I'm so excited to be working with the Great Lakes Portuguese Water Dog Club at the Novice Water Trial Workshop. Although I am fairly new to the Portuguese Water Dog breed, I have owned and trained dogs for over 30 years. 


I was first introduced to breed at an agility trial when I was 14 years old. The PWD at the start line  was jumping head-high in anticipation before successfully clowning her way through the course. It wasn't the fastest or sleekest run, but  the pure joy of this dog made me realize  someday this would be the breed for me. 


As an admirer of purpose-bred dogs, I was very excited to learn that PWDs have their own sport, Water Work. This sport showcases the versatility and working spirit of Portuguese Water Dogs and the partnership between the fisherman and his dog.  There is no pressure for perfection and lots of room for our goofy dogs to be themselves. 


Rodrigo, or Rigo for short, is my first PWD. He is 4 years old and we enjoy playing all types of games together, but water work is our favorite. I am awed by his natural ability and love to watch him learn new skills. 


I'm looking forward to meeting you new dog and handler teams and giving them an introduction to the water work. I truly believe training is the best way to deepen the bond between  owners and their dogs, and what could be better than honing the skills the dogs were bred for? The plan is to learn some new things while having a great day with our dogs!




Working team (1 person : 1 dog) costs:

  • $45.00 for GLPWDC Members

  • $60.00 for non-members

  • each additional dog $45/$60 respectively

  • If you don’t feel you are ready to work with your dog, why not just come and observe/audit!? 

  • Auditors (Member/Non Member fee) $25.00 per person

Lunch and Water Included

Send your check made out to GLPWDC to:
David Swank
c/o Novice Water Workshop
4160 LaPlante Rd
Monclova, OH 43542<>
Or Paypal:<>  Be sure in the notes to mention your full name and the Novice Water Workshop and FRIENDS AND FAMILY RATE.

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