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Water Fun Day with the Pros

Join us for a fun day during which we’ll introduce the skills and activities associated with the great PWD sport of Water Work.

June 29, 2024 @ 4842 Braden Rd Byron MI 48418

Send your check made out to GLPWDC to:
Valery Huberts
c/o Fun Day with the Pros
5584 Van Atta Rd
Haslett, MI  48840

Or Paypal:<>  Be sure in the notes to mention your full name and the Novice Water Workshop and FRIENDS AND FAMILY RATE.

Water trials allow us to continue on with the traditional work that our dogs were bred to do. This will be an open agenda fun day for dogs and owners. We want you to gain a solid foundation for training, working, and hopefully competing.

These are the learning stations we will have for you:
1. Fish & Dunk – Underwater retrieve
2. Tug to Toss – Retrieve dummy/float line
3. “Should I stay, or Should I Go?” (singing The Clash song optional) – Boat rides 4. Take a Dip with your Dog – Swim with handler

5. Welcome Aboard! – Recall to boat and board safely
6. Ping Pong with your Pup – Building value for water equipment
7. Chill Area – Rest & relax with your dog
The stations will be set up for you to visit during the day and to use as much as you want to get the results that you want. Each station will have a “Pro” available to watch, show, and provide advice that is individual to your dog and their needs.

Working team (1 person : 1 dog) costs:

  • $35.00 for GLPWDC Members

  • $45.00 for non-members

  • each additional dog $10 respectively

  • For safety reasons only one dog per handler may be worked at a time.

  • Auditors (Member/Non Member fee) $25.00 per person

Lunch and Water Included

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