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2024 PWD Fun in the Sun Play Day

The GLPWDC invites you, your family and friends and your PWDs to a summer fun picnic/pond party! 

Saturday, June 22, 2024
Noon to 6pm
4160 LaPlante Rd, Monclova OH   43542
Event is FREE for GLPWDC members.  $10 per person for non-members.  18 and under are FREE!

 Food and beverages (both kid AND adult friendly) provided.  The main dish is provided by the club and we are using Famous Daves BBQ.  This is also a potluck event..
We will have a large tent where the food and beverages will be set up. 

We have a 3 acre fenced property with a pond, fountains, dock and two boats withplatforms.   The big pond is for humans and the dogs.  The small deco pond is NOTfor dogs.  If you see your dogs smashing around in the various gardens please go and get them.  You will hear a lot of OUT OF THE GARDEN!!!.  We rarely find ticks on our dogs but please check when you get home from the picnic. 

You are welcome to come into the driveway to unload your stuff but then please park your car perpendicular to the street(LaPlante). You will see our Mariposa van as an example. Park close to the next car. If we need more parking space you can park immediately across the street or along our fence line on Eber Road.
Event is FREE for GLPWDC members.  $10 per person for non-members.  18 and under are FREE!  Pay at the door.  

The water is very warm so if you and dogs want to swim bring swimsuit, life vests, water toys, sunscreen, towels, crates, chairs etc.  We have plenty of shade but if you want to set up a popup there is plenty of room to do so.

Direct any questions to David Swank at 419 466 4088 text and talk



David Swank

2022 Water Trial Secretary
Great Lakes PWD Club
419 861 3819

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